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Spectra Systems is an established world leader in providing technology for secure transactions, from banknotes and products, to electronic banking and gaming.

Our high-speed, machine-readable banknote authentication technology is utilized by many central banks to prevent sophisticated counterfeiting of their currency. Our complete solutions include engineered materials, reliable high speed sensors, and quality control equipment. We manufacture our products under secure conditions and build our own equipment to meet our customers' needs.

Spectra has recently expanded its authentication of secure transactions beyond physical banknotes with its secure internal control systems (ICS) software platforms and is an established security provider for the worldwide gaming industry. Our ICS systems provide methods for fraud detection, money laundering, match fixing and statistical analysis and have many existing parallel applications used by the securities exchange industry.

The Company also has a number of fully developed physical and digital technologies for use in product tracking and authentication that are compatible with plastics, fabrics, paper and glass based products.

Spectra is a highly responsive organization which seeks to develop customized solutions for our customers, from central banks to plastic film suppliers, which leverage our world class Research and Development and Engineering teams.

321 South Main Street
Providence, RI 02903 USA
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